Welcome to one of the many OPH’s newer initiatives for 2018. Although we’ve always wanted to do this for quite a while, it’s always a question of relevancy and how impactful the content will be and this really takes time and effort. That’s why we have only been focusing on getting it out on other platforms so far. Following several request, we’ve decided that this will also be another resource for our valued clients and for those who need more support.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Samuel Tan. I am a certified trainer by several local and international institutions. I am also a trained and certified hypnotherapist since 2013. I am humbled to be given the opportunity to share this first blog. My experiences includes training of many sales, client facing and customer services folks at their new hires training as well as OJT. Currently, I am involved in business development work in OPH as well as being the co-facilitator for MoAB in Singapore. What attracted me to move into what OPH was doing was the impact it would have if we could all train client-facing professionals who would be able to safely handle an aggressive situation.

Prior to MoAB, I conduct training with relations to behavior. What I train were programs I developed along the way, while I was still doing my hypnotherapy & mental health practice. When I was first introduced to MoAB, I was surprised to found out that in many real life situations, aggression to workers were often normalized and gone unreported. MoAB has been playing an active role in the healthcare industry and many nurses have been trained on how to apply assertive verbal techniques as well as breakaway methods in the event aggression developed into that critical stage. It is often seen from reviews, that the mishandling from the beginning is one of the main causes that leads to something more physical and therefore its important that the trainees are able to apply de-escalate situations before it goes on to something more serious.

Another thing that was observed was that many workers who then were not able to have an avenue to share their experiences and obtain qualified guidance until they encounter MoAB. Furthermore, they were not trained to handle potentially aggressive patients from the onset and when it escalted, this leads to endangering their own lives while on duty. MoAB was, what I saw, a very suitable solution to helping workers equipped and empowered to confidently manage those situations. Not only will they be trained on assertive verbal communications but also how to keep themselves physically safe.

From what we have also been following on news, we at OPH, have also seen an increase in cases reported. This tells us that slowly but surely, we are acknowledging that this is a critical area where MoAB should be in place. These aggressive behaviors, now not only involves people in hospitals or clinics but also retail staff, security staff, transport staff and even students. Many times, those reports have mention of how people were hurt in the altercation. We are deeply concern and always tell ourselves that we will continue in our mission to be engaged to create the awareness and the knowledge for them to de-escalate in a fair, reasonable and safe manner for staff, stakeholders and customers.

The team and I will continue to share more about who we are, what we do and do feel free to share with us any enquiries.


Samuel Tan

Head – Business Development