Congratulations…. You are one step closer!

Congratulations…. You are one step closer!

Based on the quiz you did earlier, you have met most of the requirements to get the $120 monthly cash assistance for hiring a maid to care for your elderly loved one.

We Just Need 3 More Details From You Below To Assist With Your Process. It Will Take Only 30seconds of your time to save $120 monthly

This grant is known as the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant or FDWG for short.

What is the FDWG about?

  • Monthly cash payment of $120 given to families who are hiring a maid to care for there loved ones who needs assistance in the daily activities.

What can I use the grant for?

  • You can use it to offset the cost for hiring your maid (e.g. maid levy, maid monthly pay etc)

How do I apply for this?

  • You will need to complete the FDWG, functional assessment as well as the means testing form found HERE

What else do I need to do to apply for the grant?

  • Your maid must undergo an approved caregiver training program

Where is the training conducted?

  • We will send our healthcare professionals to your home to train your maid as we know that it may be difficult for you to have the maid leave home just to attend trainings.

How much is the caregiver training program?

  • $10 cash only as we will be assisting you to apply for the Caregiver Training Grant to pay the big bulk of the payment.

Read more about the grant HERE!