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A Message For Nursing Leaders, Managers, Educators, Administrators Who Have Your Employees Interest at Heart


You may be wondering why you are receiving the Stop Aggression Towards Nurses Startup Package in your mail. Well the truth is that there are three reasons. One, it is a strategy to get your attention. Second, now that I have grabbed your attention, it is important to remind you that the headache of having to deal with nurses being physically and verbally abused, not knowing what to do in unfavourable situations, unmotivated team and adverse media publicity should not be tolerated and must be eradicated immediately.Thirdly, it is my duty as a fellow healthcare professional to share with you theuseful skills which every practicing nurse MUST know. I am sure as a reputable leader, you are always looking at ways and strategies to improving your team’s productivity and creating a positive workplace.

Learn The Secrets To Dealing With Your Potentially Aggressive/ Abusive Patients/ Family Members

Get Rid of Aggression Towards Nurses Once and For All.

Dear Busy Nursing Leaders, Managers, Administrators and Educators;

Are the difficult patients making your nurses’ life difficult… or maybe even miserable??
Then what you’re about to hear will be music to your ears… Does it seem like you’ve tried everything in your power to control it, and yet, despite your best intentions, they’re still plagued with the lack of confidence in dealing with their difficult patients and family members? Unsure of what to do when they are faced with aggression at work and feels their morale is low due to the adverse encounters they are faced with daily at work?

If This Describes Them, There Are TWO Things You Should Know…

First, you are NOT alone! It may seem like it sometimes, but dealing with angry or aggressive patients and their loved ones is far more common than you’d think. I ought to know, because I’ve helped dozens of people with the exact same problem (I’ll tell you more about that in just a minute)…

Secondly, there’s a very simple, affordable, and effective way to fix this issue quickly, allowing your organisation to have a healthier and happier workplace, and AVOID future disasters!

It wasn’t that long ago that dealing with aggressive and angry patients and their relatives was a part of my daily life. As a nurse, I have been a victim of spits and bites. I had tables and other objects thrown at me before. I had not been spared from the chokes, punches and kicks towards me during duty. And I was also the target of highly anxious relatives who demanded prompt services and treatment. At the very least, I had been screamed at, hurled abused at, threatened and the list just goes on and on….. I tried everything to put an end to managing aggressive and challenging behaviour, but every solution fell short.

I’ll be willing to bet you know EXACTLY what I am talking about, because chances are, you’ve experienced it yourself too…

Just Imagine Being Able To:

IDENTIFY an escalating situation and PREVENT it from erupting.
• Keep yourself and colleagues SAFE in any adverse events.
• Possess the same skills of a trained NEGOTIATOR from any intelligence unit.
• Gain the RESPECT from those you are treating and achieve a WIN-WIN situation at the end.
• Intervene CONFIDENTLY when the situation requires you to.
…And that’s just for starters!

The Costs Of NOT Taking Control Are Just Too High

And Not Only That, But:

• The feeling that they are SUPPORTED by their organisation
• The TEAMWORK and seamless intervention during crisis situation
• The increased in JOB SATISFACTION
• And the CONFIDENCE in managing any situations

Why MOAB Training Program?

MOAB® Training International, Inc. is a respected leader among training and consulting organizations across the US and Canada, specializing in programs on managing aggressive behavior. Since 1983, over 5,000 agencies have benefited from our highly researched, state-of-the-art programs. MOAB’s goal is to teach participants how to protect themselves from injury, and at the same time, control individuals without causing them harm. Our valuable programs empower people with necessary skills to avert conflict and injuries through various de-escalation techniques. Participants include corporations, law enforcement organizations, security, academic, healthcare, military, and federal agencies.

MOAB® presents principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and managing violent and aggressive behavior. The program also provides humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive people.

  • Every MOAB technique – non-verbal, verbal, or physical is based on a solid principle.
  • MOAB goes beyond the strategies for preventing and diffusing a crisis. It addresses the multitude of crises and stages of conflict.
  • MOAB is the most innovative, comprehensive, and effective course on managing aggressive behaviour in the country today.

Expert Guidance by Trained Clinician

I know you’re busy, so I’ll come straight to the point:

My name is Hadi, and I’ve been helping people like you save time and money by increasing health literacy, initiate behavior and lifestyle changes as well as creating a fun and happy environment to work in. And with the increase in aggression and violent incidences in the clinical area as reported by The Straits Times on 27th March 2016 ,it is imperative that every healthcare professional be equipped with the necessary skillset to protect themselves and manage adverse situations effectively. My mission of assisting companies build a healthier and happier workplace led me to start Optimal Health Pte Ltd and since then, I’ve helped some of the largest, most successful companies in Singapore including Starhub, FedEx, , Tecity Group and Sumitomo Metal Mining just to name a few;  helping them to create their healthier and happier workplace! This has also inspired me to publish a book in 2015 which was featured in BeritaHarian, entitled;”The Definitive Guide To A Healthier and Happier Workplace In Singapore: How to transform your business by creating healthier and happier employees.”

Below are just a fraction of companies who have been empowered by my company:

… And I Can Help YOU, Too!

Who Am I?

I first become interested in aggression towards clinical staff ever since I started nursing some 20 over years ago, while I was faced with and witness some of the most unfavourable and uncomfortable situations we were made to put thru during my line of work. As a Registered Nurse with clinical experience in medical/ surgical, critical care, mental health as well as health education, I noticed that the incidences does not discriminate between the different clinical specialties.

My passion led me to search for answers and solutions to manage these adverse experiences better. Typically, such trainings are usually offered at post basic education level in the area of mental health nursing; which unfortunately still not comprehensive enough. I began researching and it eventually became my thesis topic for my postgrad studies; Master of Nursing (Mental Health) from University of Melbourne where I studied the incidences, nature and behaviours of aggression and violence towards nurses in one of the major hospital in Singapore.

That study was presented in Sing health Annual Scientific Meeting 2009 for the Young Investigator Award category. That has led to the development of a validated tool to measure aggression and violence named SAVE-Singapore Edition; an extension of the world known tool developed by the experts in this area; J. Maguire & D. Ryan (2007) (Scale of Agression and Violent Experiences – SAVE). I later continued this journey and presented another paper entitled Horizontal Violence at the International Conference of Nursing (ICON Year 2010) in Kuala Lumpur.

Today, I am the only certified trainer in South East Asia on the renowned trademark program from United States of America; Management Of Aggressive Behavior – MOAB® . This program is widely used in America and Canada for their hospitals’ clinical staff as well as security teams as it is necessary for both clinical and non-clinical teams to respond appropriately and accurately in the event of such adverse incidences. Having personally trained under the President and founder of the said proprietary program,Michael O’Malley, it is indeed a great pleasure of mine to share this knowledge and skill with everyone and certify you and your staff with the same certification you would get from the United States of America.

And that was how I started and the passion continues to burn till today…….

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn When

You Join Me In This Program

During the 2 days spend together in at our aggression management program; (Management Of Aggressive Behavior – MOAB®), I’ll be covering the entire process you need to follow to effectively manage situations caused by aggressive and challenging patients and families.

I’ll be starting from understanding anger, frustration and aggression, and going straight through to breakaway techniques to free yourself from harmful situations.

And no stones will be left unturned! We’ll make sure that each and every one of you understands EXACTLY what you need to do to de-escalate any challenging behaviour and breakaway from common graps, holds and chokes by the end of the training.

Have you ever…

  • Known someone who upsets others simply by their mere presence or body language?
  • Known someone who angers people by the way he or she speaks?
  • Been uncomfortable by someone’s presence, attitude or agitation?
  • Been attacked verbally by someone who is yelling, swearing, and/or pointing fingers?
  • Been attacked physically?

If so, visualize possessing the skills to…

  • Calm people
  • Diffuse anxious or aggressive behavior
  • Avoid violence and injuries
  • Create confidence and the ability to improve any situation
  • Minimize or eliminate lawsuit

Regardless of your age, size or strength…

You can create a win-win situation in difficult confrontations and resolve conflicts decisively and diplomatically with:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Personal defense and safety skills

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