Caregiver Training

Caregiver Training

Home based caregiver training

Caring for an individual tends to leave a lot of strain on the caregiver and on the family as well. Staying informed and trained in the art of providing care may be complex, but it is instrumental in allowing you to navigate your duties as a caregiver.

Our mission and objective is to train you, the caregiver, in all the vital skills necessary to render assistance when taking care of your loved ones. Our program is also designed to empower loved one to actively take part in their own care where appropriate, which will eventually promote rehabilitation and hold back patient deterioration. We also offer caregiver course for maids in Singapore.

The benefits of caregiver training

The caregiver training in Singapore allows you to:

Acquire a heightened understanding of the nature, treatment and needs of your family members based on the treatment suggested or diagnosis.

Provide the best care by utilizing basic nursing skills that can assist you to care for your recipients in their day to day activities.

Remain aware of the resources and support given to caregivers. This can help you along your caregiver’s journey.

Obtain a higher level of confidence which will allow you to provide optimal care for your loved ones.

At OPTIMAL HEALTH, we focus our programme on home based training as opposed to centre based training –  See the comparison.

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Are you dealing with maid levy?

Here are some vital questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your maid currently caring for your elderly, frail, ill or disabled loved ones? Our maid training for elderly can help with care giving.
  • Are you tired of struggling with teaching your maid the essential techniques to provide the best care at home?
  • Do you wish that there was someone who could teach your maid all the tips and tricks of taking on a caregiver’s role?

Well, then here is a solution for your problems:

Our home-based caregiver training that we offer will:

  • FREE from monthly maid levies
  • Leave you confident to leave your loved ones with your maid at home.
  • Allow you to ensure appropriate care is given to your loved ones
  • Free you from having to supervise all the time.

You can get hospital level training in the comfort of your relaxed home or living space for only $10. Our program is inexpensive because of the Caregiver Training Grant, which means that our training program has been pre-approved by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), which lowers the cost of training significantly.

Our caregiver training can also be used to apply for a foreign domestic worker grant, which will free you from paying a maid levy every month. All you have to do to get these amazing results is call us today.

Hospital Level Training at The Comfort of Your Own Home For Just

$10.00 only

Yes!!! You are right!!! Your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you and I had not purposely left several zeros out for a marketing purpose. This is FOR REAL!! This superior quality training at the comfort of your own home. What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing! No risk at all!! If you’ve ever researched about getting a professional to personally help you with your caregiver needs, you know that they’re not cheap...

You May Be Wondering Why Is It So Cheap?

Have you ever heard about the Caregiver Training Grant? Our program has been pre-approved by The Agency For Integrated Care (AIC) making the cost of this training largely claimable from the caregiver training grant. Caregiver Training department is a social wing of our company. The mission is to give back to the community and help those in need hence all the pricing has been reduced to the most minimal amount.

What about the NO MAID LEVY?

Our caregiver training certificate can be used to apply for foreign domestic worker grant where you will end up not having to pay the monthly levy when employing your maid. Wait No More!! Contact Me NOW at 84313994!! Book Your Training and Find Out About Your Eligibility for The Various Grants!!

This Is All That You Need To Do!!

If you noticed, all you need is to do Step 1, which is to CALL US NOW!! The rest is done by US!

Over 17 Years of Clinical Experience Helping People Care For Their Loved Ones?

Hello, my name is Noor Afiza, and I’m a professional Registered Nurse and Chief Caregiver Trainer at Optimal Health Pte Ltd.

During the last 5 years, I’ve helped plenty residents throughout Singapore take control of their caregiving duties and enjoy a meaningful and fulfilling role.

I first got interested in helping people with caregiving duties, when I was still working in an inpatient hospital setting many moons ago ?. Back then, I was always involved in educating family members, foreign domestic workers and even care recipients in the care that is needed upon their discharge to home. It is a common sight then, for me to see caregivers struggling after bringing their loved ones home from hospital as they are not properly prepared for this new role. This has resulted in frequent read missions and deteriorated health status due to FALLS, PRESSURE SORES, INFECTION, BLOCKED TUBES, and much more. With such events, caregivers tend to be stressed up and finally got burnout.

Since those early days, I’ve learned a LOT about what it takes to help people feel more confident when performing these nursing duties, and have invested significant time and money in developing my service, and establishing my expertise.

Because You Only Want The Best Trainers...

We pride ourselves in delivering quality caregiver trainings to achieve optimal outcome. In order to maintain this outcome, I had personally handpicked some of Singapore’s best clinicians and educators to help me maintain the standards. We are the only caregiver training provider with:

The Best $10 You Ever Spent On Your Loved Ones.

Here is what $10 can help you achieve:

1. Save on monthly maid levy
2. No need to take leave from work
3. Comfort of your own home
4. Professional Multilingual Trainers
5. Learn only what is needed
6. Other family members welcomed to attend

Here’s What Some Of Our Caregivers Have To Say About Us

Mr Dominic, Clementi
Mr Dominic, Clementi
She was very patience with my maid. She kept explaining and demonstrating the skills until my maid is confident and competent. The trainer make us sit down and talk as one family. For the first time, I see my dad expressed his feelings and we were all very surprised. It’s ...
Mr Ravi, Ang Mo Kio
Mr Ravi, Ang Mo Kio
I was very surprised when the trainer did the bed shower together with my maid on my dad. Our whole family were there too to learn the proper techniques from the trainer. It was an awesome experience.
Mr Tan, Telok Blangah
Mr Tan, Telok Blangah
The trainer teaches us what to do during emergencies. I was surprised that I didn’t know the simplest thing that is the ambulance number. She recommended us to have an emergency contact chart pasted on the fridge for easy access.
Mdm Ong, Yishun
Mdm Ong, Yishun
She is knowledgeable and very compassionate. She tells my maid what is her mistakes and makes her understand that certain techniques can cause pain to me.
Ms Siti, Tampines
Ms Siti, Tampines
The trainer shows compassion and managed to win my mum’s heart. After her conversation with my mum…..my mum agreed for us to move her bed to another room. The trainer makes my mum understand our difficulties as a caregiver.
Mdm Theresa, Serangoon
Mdm Theresa, Serangoon
The trainer is knowledgeable and demonstrated her skills well. She trained my maid over and over again until my maid do it well.