Work Place Health manual

Work Place Health manual

“Don’t Waste Another Second Of Your Time Struggling With Staff MC Rates, Medical Claims, Unhealthy Staffs, Stressed Up Staff and Low Productivity

... I Have Over 18 Years Of Clinical Experience & Have Been Successful In Implementing Workplace Health and Wellness Programs For Dozens Of Our Country’s Leading Businesses!”

Dear Busy Business Owners, HR Directors, Managers & Executives,
Do you have a workforce who leads a generally UNHEALTHY lifestyle?
Are you currently dealing with a workplace of AGING POPULATION?
How about the younger workers who are taking NUMEROUS MCs?
Are your workers working in a HIGHLY STRESSFUL environment?

You’re not alone! Many owners and managers of successful businesses face these kinds of challenges every day...
But while these problems may be common, failure to resolve it can lead to much BIGGER problems for your business down the road, like:

  • Decreased Morale and Team Spirit
  • Increased Staff Turnover
  • Increased Healthcare Cost
  • Poor Image for Company Branding

Fortunately, there's a very simple, affordable, and effective way to fix this issue quickly, allowing your company to have a healthier and happier workplace, and AVOID future disasters!

Expert Guidance by Trained Clinician

I know you’re busy, so I’ll come straight to the point:
My name is Hadi, and over the last 5 years as a Certified Workplace Health Consultant by Health Promotion Board Singapore, I’ve been helping people like you save time and money by increasing health literacy, initiate behavior and lifestyle changes as well as creating a fun and happy environment to work in...

... And I Can Help YOU, Too!

I first become interested in workplace health and wellness promotion in 2011, while I was helping some colleagues go through a tough time balancing their life at work. As a Registered Nurse with more than 18 years of clinical experience in medical/ surgical, critical care, mental health as well as health education, I naturally become the de facto health consultant at any offices I was working in. I noticed colleagues coming to me asking me for advice related to their health concerns, health screening blood results, medications they are on and asking for recommendations for healthy lifestyle and nutrition regime that is suitable for them. It then got me to think; since I am already having a lot of my own “CLIENTS” at work, why not I make this a serious business. And that is how I started and the rest is history…….

Since then, I’ve helped some of the largest, most successful companies in Singapore – including Starhub, FedEx, , Tecity Group and Sumitomo Metal Mining just to name a few – helping them to create their healthier and happier workplace!

Below are just a fraction of companies who have been empowered by my company:

Here’s How I Can Help You With YOUR Business...

I offer a number of services designed for busy business owners, directors, managers and executives who want to start a workplace health and wellness program for their staffs at work by eliminating the hassle of designing the program yourselves. For those of you who had tried designing a workplace health program, you would agree (I am 200% sure) with me that it is a tedious, frustrating and time consuming process, such as below:

Assess the needs of your staffs

  • This is a tiring process as different staffs have different interest and wants. Some may opt for outdoor activity, some wants physically demanding exercise , others request for relaxation techniques or workshops. Enough to make you busy for 5 days, at least!!!

Find the appropriate program

  • This process is tough as you do not have the domain expert knowledge to evaluate a health program. You are not a trained healthcare professional. In fact, if you look at our profile, some of our clients are from the healthcare industry. Even they find it a big process to take on.
  • Means hours spent with your new found best friend Mr GOOGLE!!

Writing up a proposal

  • Another few sleepless nights of trying to make sense of what you are writing

Finding quotations

  • Budget is an issue. I can show you in a while how you can even save some money while doing this!!

Gantt charting a 1 year program

  • Its another project to manage

Evaluate and report program

  • Like year end project in school all over again

And start all over again as 12 months is now over and time to prepare for next year’s program

  • Before you know it, the year has ended. You put in so much effort and neglected your main role which is the operations of your very own company! ☹

So, here’s what I will do for you NOW!!!

I’ll roll up my sleeves and get to work for you, freeing up your time, and allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business... like making more money!

My services include:

Needs Assessment

Program Design

Holistic Approach (Health screening, Exercise, Nutrition, Mental Health)

Program Evaluation

Picture and Videos


Many of my services and programs can be customized to fit your individual business needs, as well as your budget. And it can be claimed through the WORLPLACE HEALTH GRANT by HPB/SNEF!!!!


Tel: +65 81809923
Online Appt: www.oph.con.sg
Email: admin@oph.com.sg

Results You Can Count On, Backed By Years of Clinical Experience and Training!

When you engage my team and I, you’re not only getting experienced and certified team of experts who can help you overcome the difficulty of designing and implementing a workplace health and wellness program at your workplace, you have just invested in your staffs who are your company’s greatest assets.

With the recent upsurge in the cost of health care delivery services, Optimal Health has created a new model of health care services in the workplace through the combination of complementary therapies as well as conventional medicine. Our occupational health consulting practice will help your organization to manage health risk in the workplace. We are very much experienced in delivering of a robust consultancy in accordance with best practices for corporate organisations, looking at both required guidelines and standards in the occupational system.

You’re also getting a focused and dedicated team of healthcare professionals who will treat your business as if it was his own, and work to produce the best results for you possible. As employees form a major part of your organization and play an important role in its overall functioning, their significance and wellbeing cannot be overlooked. Optimal Health’s wellness program is the best holistic workplace health service to boost your employee's performance, lower absenteeism and provide them with healthcare at low costs.

By introducing the wellness program you will be able to increase your employees’ morale and make them more productive and efficient.

Investing in the staff’s welfare will ensure that they are contented and healthy to perform to the best of their abilities and achieve the aims of the enterprise

Investing in the development of your employees will assist your company in strategically reaping greater profits in the long run as the program will instill a sense of loyalty and belongingness in your workforce

Introducing workplace health programs will reflect well on your company’s reputation as it will show your commitment towards your workforce.

Want Proof? Here’s What Past Clients Are Saying...

As I mentioned, I’ve helped many businesses from different industries such as aviation, manufacturing, finance, education, healthcare, engineering and lots more AND companies ranging from a minimum of 5 staffs to thousands of staffs in big corporation over these years.

Here are a few of their success stories:

More Affordable Than You Might Think!

You might think that getting this much personal help and attention for your business would be an expensive proposition.

And while it’s true that I’m probably not the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that cheapest is not necessarily best. Even so, I think you’ll find my fees are surprisingly affordable -- even if your business is small, or you’re just getting started.

And I’m certainly more affordable than the cost of ignoring the increasing health care cost altogether, and then having to deal with staff resignation, low morale at work, or having an office full of unhealthy staffs further down the road!

Courtesy of the Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore, companies can now avail various services offered by these wellness programs such as health screenings, health awareness and exercise routines at extremely affordable prices. Interested companies need to meet certain criteria to be funded by the HPB workplace grant and if these requirements are met, your employees get the chance to benefit from the workplace health promotion programs (WHP grant).

If your organization is comprised of 5 - 20 employees, it is eligible for a total grant of $10,000. This grant offers two different options to choose from depending upon your suitability.

If your corporation recruits 21-200 employees then you are qualified for a total grant of $15000 which also entails two options


Tel: +65 81809923
Online Appt: www.oph.con.sg
Email: admin@oph.com.sg

Make an appointment now and receive your FREE workplace health starter pack immediately

Would you like to hear more about how I can help you design your workplace health and wellness program without you doing anything but still fully own the project?

Call me to arrange for your FREE 45-minute consultation, where we can discuss your workplace health needs in more detail, and I can explain to you exactly how I work.

We are feeling generous this new year and would like to give out our very own Workplace Health Starter Pack to all who had booked an appointment with us ( while stocks last….. and we are left with only 1 carton to give away) which contains:

The Definitive Guide To A Healthier Workplace In Singapore Book ($45)

Special report on how to achieve happiness at your workplace ($40)

All hand delivered to you on our first meeting

You can tell I am serious about helping you create a healthier and happier workplace as I am giving you a $85/- worth of gifts the very first time we meet. There’s no obligation whatsoever, but you do need to contact me soon. I have a few openings on my schedule currently, but they tend to fill up quickly!


Abdul Hadi Kamarolzaman

Optimal Health Pte Ltd